Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Making Slime

So I think this was one of the easiest things I did this summer with the kids I looked after. We tried many different project, some failed, some were long, and somewhere just plain odd. This one however was short, easy, and they loved it. We made slime ! Want to make some slime as well ? 
All you need is two things 
Glue and liquid starch. 
The best way to make it is using a large bowl. The recipe I used worked perfectly - all you have to do is use equal parts of each. Once you have that in your bowl just use your hands to mix it. Then divide them into baggies and put some food coloring in. Because we used white glue we were able to then mix the colors - I created that color wheel above. You can also use clear glue which will give you a slime look - while using white glue gave more of the gak look. Once your done - put them in a baggie or a tub for use later. Honestly, we couldn't make enough of this stuff. 

They loved playing with it and they were mixing and learning about color theory ! 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summertime fairs

Summer time fairs are a staple around where I live. Each week a new community will put on their own type of fair. Sometimes they have more rides, sometimes games or food. Each are different in their own ways. I love everything about them. The over priced food, winning fish and the somewhat scary rides. There is just something in the air those summer nights. The lighting is just right, the hum of people moving from one thing to the next, and always some sort of music playing. It wouldn't be summer without something of this sort.