Monday, December 10, 2007

Suck UK does it again !

So going to one of my favorite websites I got so excited because they added new things, which only happens once in a blue moon. Alway amazing and always funny, their products give a new edge to stuff normally. So when I saw their ice / hot packs, it made me want to live in the UK so I could get this stuff easier.

This is their description: "They look like proper medical plasma bags off of ER!
Perfect if you need a little TLC to help you recover form a big night out or a simple pulled muscle! But don't hook them up to an IV and mainline on the bright coloured juice! Instead apply the packs directly to the pain to soothe away your troubles! Available as Dr Cool Bag (blue - chill in the fridge) and Dr Hot Bag (red - click to activate and recharge for re-use in boiling water)."

They only cost 10 pounds which is about 20 USD .

Personally I'm tired of only finding these neat things from UK sites. I honestly don't go looking for UK sites only, I promise !

Need something to pick your ear out

Well get yourself the cotton swab Pisellino then ! Again another great product from I saw these guys and I think they are just the cutest thing !

Funny and playful, this mysterious object is not other that a harbors cotton stems! Closed and put in the bathroom, one does not understand his function… Nevertheless, it suffices to raise the small joyous face of Pisellino, to discover an abundant reserve of cottons stems. Exist in blue, green and orange

They are only 15 pounds each which comes to about 30USD.

Lets talk about coffee baby

Well as i was browsing the good ol' world wide web I came across the oddest, and somewhat coolest coffee makers around. From the Geo proust drip coffee maker gives you coffee with design. This is what made in design had to say about it: "Geo brings to the fore an expressive, decorative and anthropomorphic language that is absolutely unprecedended in the world of kitchen appliances. This explicitly artistic approach is underscored by the presentation of a hand-painted version, the Geo-Proust, which has been put out in a numbered production."

Now from what I read about it, it was made by designer Alessandro Mendini, who even though I don't know the name I still looked him up. See for yourself.

Just to let you all know this little hand painted feelow goes for 150 pounds, which happens to be about 300 USD. Nice huh. I would never pay that price for a drip coffee make because at that point get yourself a espresso maker !

Monday, October 8, 2007

Minor Studios

Now, mostly I've only posted about products that I've come across to be art / geek related. What I also wanted for this blog is to post other coming founds that might be related to the above topics. I've found a great website/blog of a studio graphic designer named Dave Werner, who heads up Minor studios. They are currently working on a new video game ( what that is I'm not sure ) and started up a blog to blog its process. Along the way the plan on blogging of their comings and goings as well as doing video podcast. Its really the video podcast that I'm all about . If your into graphic design, art , gaming , or just plan fun stuff then visit the site and watch one of the videos, its well worth your time.

thats the site . if you have anything else to say after you have went through it comment away.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Don't stab me ...

Now this is fun! This is called " The Ex- Unique Knife Holder" , which unique might not be the word I would use. Its a knife holder in the shape of a person, which holds the knifes as if the person ( holder ) was being stab. NICE ! Perfect for all homes. Its comes in Red, sliver , and black.

Medusa Hub

Medusa Hub

Sometimes I feel as though I'm having what I call a " Medusa hair day ". So when I found this new Hub on I felt a connection to this. This is the Medusa Hub sporting 4 USB 2.0 ports (up to 480Mbp),2 Firewire 400 ports(up to 400Mbps),1 USB Fan , and 1 USB Light. As thinkgeek said , it kinda looks ugly but beautiful at the same time. The design of it is very fun and not only that but it comes in the matching Mac white. Its also kind of odd that it looks like a small bomb from Mario.

The only thing is, it will put a dent in your wallet. though its might be cheaper then buy those all apart , you can snag one of these for only $79.99

It Supports:
o Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista
o Mac OS9, OS X
o Linux

Monday, September 24, 2007

Pocket Shots

This came from Wired Mag , they had a much better picture of it though. I picked this to post about not only for the fact that its goodness in a sippy cup, but becasue of the great design. very colorful and well put together. again better picture of it in Wired mag. So basicly it like sport gel for alcoholics and they only come for two bucks a pop. " they are perfect for marathon drinkers, drinking marathoners, world travelers, outdoorsy types, frugal concertoers, or for steadying the nerve on a Tuesday morning."

These are their five flavors:

RUM: This natural imported Carribean Rum is carefully distilled and then aged in the finest charred barrels.

WHISKEY: Pocket Shot is full bodied Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey produced the way Kentucky Bourbon used to be made, aged to perfection in charred Oak Barrels

VODKA: Pocket Shot Vodka is a clean, crisp and smooth premium vodka that is triple distilled and filtered three times using the finest American grains and purest water with no additives. This clear vodka can be mixed, iced down or enjoyed straight up.

TEQUILA: Pocket Shot Gold Tequila is made from the finest Blue Agave Tequila from Jalisco, Mexico. This is excellent Tequila for Margaritas or it can be enjoyed straight up.

GIN: Pocket Shot London Dry Gin

MyCuppa Mug

The color matching mug helps you make the perfect brew !

These mugs are made by SUCK UK, but are not yet available.When they do come out it will be 7 pounds or 15 USD. Basicly just follow the color matching system that is place inside of the mug and add the right amount of mike / creamer to get it. They will have them for both tea or coffee ( i'm showing the coffee one in the picture) just go to google and type in SUCK UK