Monday, December 10, 2007

Suck UK does it again !

So going to one of my favorite websites I got so excited because they added new things, which only happens once in a blue moon. Alway amazing and always funny, their products give a new edge to stuff normally. So when I saw their ice / hot packs, it made me want to live in the UK so I could get this stuff easier.

This is their description: "They look like proper medical plasma bags off of ER!
Perfect if you need a little TLC to help you recover form a big night out or a simple pulled muscle! But don't hook them up to an IV and mainline on the bright coloured juice! Instead apply the packs directly to the pain to soothe away your troubles! Available as Dr Cool Bag (blue - chill in the fridge) and Dr Hot Bag (red - click to activate and recharge for re-use in boiling water)."

They only cost 10 pounds which is about 20 USD .

Personally I'm tired of only finding these neat things from UK sites. I honestly don't go looking for UK sites only, I promise !

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