Monday, December 10, 2007

Lets talk about coffee baby

Well as i was browsing the good ol' world wide web I came across the oddest, and somewhat coolest coffee makers around. From the Geo proust drip coffee maker gives you coffee with design. This is what made in design had to say about it: "Geo brings to the fore an expressive, decorative and anthropomorphic language that is absolutely unprecedended in the world of kitchen appliances. This explicitly artistic approach is underscored by the presentation of a hand-painted version, the Geo-Proust, which has been put out in a numbered production."

Now from what I read about it, it was made by designer Alessandro Mendini, who even though I don't know the name I still looked him up. See for yourself.

Just to let you all know this little hand painted feelow goes for 150 pounds, which happens to be about 300 USD. Nice huh. I would never pay that price for a drip coffee make because at that point get yourself a espresso maker !

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