Monday, February 16, 2009

Cookbooks !

Ok I wanted to share with you all my small cookbook collection. These are just some of the places that I find inspiration for a meal, I don't like following them most of the time. I love changing them since I feel I have a understanding of some simple flavors and such.

Hello Cupcake ! This one is full of fun cupcakes to make. My room mate has already busted this one open a few times to make some of the crazy ones. I'm personally waiting for April Fools cupcake party that we are throwing. Why April 1st ? Well there are many in this book that look like other foods, such as popcorn, pasta, meat and veggies, sushi , ect.... oh the joy.

This is my favorite one. Because my mom made it up for me ! All my favorite family meals are pact into this one.

This one I got at a goodwill a few months back . I've yet to really use it , though I've used it to compare recipes to mix and such

This is just for fun. My sister got this one for my two years ago for my b-day. I have used it more the once :D

ummmm you can't live without this desert. So I have a whole cookbook on how to make them. I loved the day I got my little cooking flamer.

This is just one of many Rachael Ray cook books I have. I love her stuff , but my body does not ( fatty foods ) These books are staples though, really helps you understands some basic cooking terms and skills

Ah the Robuchon. It might not be Julia Child but its all about French Home cooking. This is not for the basic home cooker. I warn you , things will get messy from this one. I can't wait to make my first duck :D


Stacey said...

I hope I am invited to the April Fools day cupcake party!

Wimpy Wallace said...

Wow, I'm impressed :) The cupcakes sound awesome!