Saturday, December 18, 2010

Never did find my camera ...

But Mike finally got his back ! Also in other news , I'm cancer free and treatments are over as of a few days ago. YAY !! So it looks like I will be on the up-n-up and not always feeling sick like I normally do.

Some other things: Well I got my etsy shop up and running and I'm hoping to really work hard on that. I'm selling earrings and vintage goods, and I'm hoping to add some graphic design. Also remember those little food things I tired to start and make, were I was drawing out ever food thing I ate that day, well I found a bunch that I did like last year am I'm hoping to post them.
Also a friend and I started making postcards to send so I think I will post those online from time to time.

I really hope I can get back my energy and get back as an online presence.

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