Monday, October 1, 2012

Carnival Wheel love

So since my husband and I have bought our home, I've been looking for some really fun ways to doll it up. Through all of this, I have found that I have a very collected/ Bohemian sense of style  I also love jewel tones and black and white. Through my search for things to jazz up my wall I've come to love these carnival wheels I see for sale. However I can't afford the price tag ( normally around $1000 ) so I am in the starting stages of making my own. In this I've research the " look" of these things. Here is a collection of my favorites. 


A lot of these have the same feel to them. Each as something I love about them. Weather the font, simpleness, they crazy cuttings, or the color. This will be a challenge to take on but I have a pretty good idea on how to go about it. I plan on sharing all my steps on here with you. Stay tuned.

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