Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Staple Food of the Week

Breakfast Sandwich of Yummyness

OK I think i want to start sharing my staples foods, food that i keep coming back to no matter what mood I'm in. This week I would like to share a sandwich I whip up anytime of the day. It's a egg, cheese and Canadian bacon grilled sandwich. Now what you need for this is

2 eggs

2 slices of Canadian bacon
1 slice of cheese ( 2% is great for this )

two slices of whole wheat bread

Now this is a very healthy meal that will fill you up. The Canadian bacon has only 1 gram of fat per 4 thin slices or 2 gram per two ticker slices! While normal bacon ( depending on the brand ) will have up to 9 grams per two slices. I like to get the thin slices because it taste more like bacon and less like ham, which is what the thicker tends to taste. Plus its meat so it helps make you feel more full.

Now you want to get you grill going , spray some olive oil pan and heat up. Put your bacon on first , fry for about 3 min's and then put your eggs on. What I like to do with my eggs is make them both over easy and scrambled. Now how do you do that ? crack them on the pan over easy, and right before you flip break the yolk. Flip it and cook it through . you get the yellow all in one area and if you do it right it get a little bit ( only a little ) of run-ness in the eggs, which adds to the favor. Don't forget to salt your eggs. Now have your bread ready, buttered on one side. Put one piece of bread, butter side down. on your frying pan and flip over a eggs on it. put one piece of bacon and lay your cheese down. Add the other bacon and egg on it and place your other piece of bread on top and make it like your making a grilled cheese .

Put on a plate slice it up and I love have hot tea with this meal and fruit. Yummy tummy !

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