Monday, May 16, 2011

What I am reading right now.

The Best chicken book out there if your in the market of considering on raising chickens

I'm trying to come up with more creative ways to cook veggies and fruits as the season is upon us, so I figured a vegan cookbook would do the trick. This one surprised me the most- even though it has no pictures !!!

After watching the HBO pilot I ran to me kindle and downloaded this. I can't put it down ! I'm so happy that this book is part of a large series !

I'm kind of ashamed to say it but I've become such a fan of martha stewart anything....I don't know if its my needs to nest and be arty, but I love reading her magazines and cooking from her cookbooks. This is from the same people who write for her. So again with the idea of cooking more veggies I picked this up.

So what are you reading ?

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