Sunday, May 12, 2013

Vintage Book Week Posters

My sisters birthday was over the weekend. I had scored a vintage 60's book week poster. She really loved it. We started looking into others as well. So I am sharing with you my favorite book week / library fun here. I will try to get as much info on the ones that I share - if you happen to know anything about them - please feel free to share

These great vintage set of 4 Modernist posters were designed by Arlington Gregg circa 1936-40 as part of the WPA Illinois Art Project - Be Kind To Books. 

The set is filled with gems with slogans like ”What’s Your Future? Find it in Books!” (a layered statement, to be sure) and “An Elephant Never Forgets… But If You Do, Visit Your School Library!” and charming retro design, so obviously we’re all over it. I am not sure of the age of these but I would guess they are from the 50's 

This one is more like the one I found for my sister. Its about book week in the 60's 
 This image I just liked. Looks like it was a poster for the chicago library. This may have even been something from there information station - for new comers. 
An original Disney 1939 poster for Children’s Book Week brought a hammer price of $799.50 (including buyer’s premium) during National Book Auctions’ Jan. 29, 2012 sale.

Paul Rand book week posters - Thats all the info I could find on these. These were more like what I gave my sister. She ended up sending these to me in a e-mail asking if I find them to  buy them for her . From her gift I have had alot of  fun learning about these types of posters. People really seem to be into them.

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