Monday, January 12, 2009

Ginger Bread House

This here is a ginger bread house that I built over the Holidays. It took me over about 6 hours each day for 3 days to make it. Its my real first one, I don't count the ones that were pre-made in a box and you don't have to do any of the work other then making it looking pretty. Now it from the gingerbread architect book that I found at Barns and Noble. As you can see I tired to make the one that was on the cover .

Now I wouldn't tell you to make these in three days, no no. It tells you in the book to leave yourself at least a week to make them or there will be a lot of stress to come, and its true. I needed to get this out soon because x-mas was ...well the next day. I made the base of it out of wood and placed a light in it so that it whole thing would lit.

What I love the most about this house is the fact that it has real " glass" windows, made from crushed butterscotch hard candies. You crush them and put them in while your gingerbread is baking when its about 80% cooked. Sometimes I pulled it out and it had holes so I just fill in and popped back in. It didn't do anything to the gingerbread because it wasn't hot enough , long enough, for the bread but it was for the candy. It was a little annoying, why, because of these windows I needed to watch and do each piece one by one. It was about 30 or some pieces. Needless to say I was up till about 3am watching x-mas movies. I have to say at 3am , watching white Christmas really makes you cry :D.

Anyways, it was a lot of fun to make this crazy house. It ended up being about 13in high and 15 in long, with about 12 in deep. Big house. We ended up punching it and drop kicking it after the holidays. I can't wait to make another !

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