Monday, January 19, 2009

Images explained

Ok you might be wondering what is up with the images ? Well I wanted to post after the images but then I forgot, oops. Alright well the first one is from smallville. I took the images myself from my computer, which you can tell. I loved this scene so much that I had to have it. Its the scene where Clarks father has just died and they are all at the grave site. Snow is falling, people are looking worried, sad, and tired. I just love it. This was also the 100th episode.

The other one is from the internet. I stumbled on it and it struck me to be really amazing. I have been really toying with the idea of abandonment a lot lately. It might because I've been playing fallout 3 hardcore, where a lot of things in the game have been abandon. I would love to bring this idea into my art work, but i don't really know how I would do that. Not that this image series has anything to do with nuclear fallout but it reminds me of it, so much so its reminds me a lot of the Pripiat images that you see. If you don't know what Pripiat is, its an entire abandon city in Russia / Ukraine, from the Chernobyl explosion in 1986. I think I'm going to find some images now and post them ! stay tuned.

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