Thursday, January 29, 2009

My quilt

So I just wanted to share with you my quilting progress ! I'm making this quilt out of hand dyed fabric that I've done. Each of the colors on the strips are different , they each have a different color code. You might not believe this in the picture but when you see it in person you can tell there is a difference. I'm going to place black in between each row of color. I still have many rows to do left by the way. Also I'm going to give it a black boarder around it. It will end up having like three borders to give it some size, but the colors are all i'm worried about about. I can't wait to finish it ! For now i'm hanging up the rows to see how the look.

I also wanted to show you my workspace along with my room mate's works space. This is what should be the dining room, but we wanted the room to be something we would use since we eat all of our meals on the couch anyways.

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